22 Days Nutrition Packaging Design

How do you build a brand worthy of Beyonce’s blessing?

Packaging re-design & art direction for 22 Day’s Nutrition at MRKT.

I don’t just believe passionately in the mission of 22 Days, I happen to think it’s
the best product of its kind on the market. When Beyonce and Jay-Z teamed up with their personal trainer and founder of 22 Days, Marco Borges, to make a plant-based food brand for the future, I was stoked to bring them to the next level. While working with 22 Days, I’ve witnessed the brands success in bringing their products to all Target, VitaminShoppe and CVS stores, in bringing to life a national vegan meal delivery program, in writing two NYT best-selling books and in spreading the gospel of 22 Days to a wide and diverse audience.

During my time working with 22 Days, I’ve created manifestos, packaging, web sites, ads, trade show booths, books, murals, e-mail blasts, web ads and pretty much everything else that makes a delicious brand.