Flower Bombs

Flower Bombs is a guerrilla art initiative that explores the karma and power of public art through positive messaging.

The symbol of the flower growing out of a bomb represents beauty in unexpected places — which is what street art is all about.

The idea was to get the messages out there in a way that is not toxic to the environment. Wheat paste is an environmentally non-acidic way of posting these messages. It is easy to remove and breaks down over time so naturally it felt like the best option.

The reason we cover our faces is because we don’t want to be the sole artists identified with the Flower Bombs project. We want other people to take part in it as well; so it’s not so much us hiding our identities as much as it is a representation of the fact that anyone can be the face behind the mask. Anyone can be a “Flower Bomber.”

In a world where we are constantly bombarded with advertisements of the media, sometimes against our will, it is nice to come across a design that isn’t trying to sell us anything. Something that serves as a balm to our spirit and that speaks to us on a non-consumer level.

The goal of the project is to fill the world with positive affirmations through beautiful non-commercial design for no reason other than to make people feel good and to help them manifest positive life changes. We imagine a world where people are surrounded by more beauty and art than consumerist messages.

Watch the Flower Bombs video.




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